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At Paynter Painting, we pride ourselves on giving your living space a clean and professional finish!

No matter how few or how many walls or ceilings you have to paint, Paynter Painting is ready to tackle the job! We paint any type of home from houses to apartments! We can also help with design, color and product selection.

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Along with our professional, high quality painting services, we offer our clients FREE estimates for all of their painting needs!



Your home is one of your biggest investments. Trust Paynter Painting to renew and protect it with the right professionally applied paint products. 


Painting your new condo will allow you to truly make it yours! Whether you have spent hours choosing the perfect colors, or you need a little bit of help getting the perfect color palette, Paynter Painting has got you covered!

Rental Properties & Apartments

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you can trust Paynter Painting to get that fresh coat of paint on your rental quickly and professionally!

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Your satisfaction is our best referral!

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